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Our Mission

We want you to make the most of your time abroad. There are so many places you’ve GTG– from class, to exploring your home city, to weekend travel, it’s exhausting to be perpetually planning your next move. We’re here to simplify this process so that you can spend less time sorting through “abroad guides” and more time making incredible memories.

We’ve gone through all the recommendations circulated amongst abroad students to make GTG Abroad, a website that provides tailored recommendations for each city, weekend itineraries, and more. No more panicked texts to your mom asking where you should eat in Paris tomorrow. No more frantic web searches for which museums are actually worth it in London. No more showing up at midnight to the club in Barcelona only to learn that people don’t go out until 2am. Everything you need is all here for you at GTG Abroad: recommendations by students for students.


The GTGabroad Story

Hi! We’re Amy and Hollie, the moms of 2 college students who went abroad in the spring semester of 2023. While our kids were studying abroad (in Barcelona and in Milan), we accidentally found ourselves taking on the role of last-minute, unpaid travel agents when our kids asked for quick advice about upcoming weekend trips.

Sure, our kids got recommendations from their friends and from the internet, but between classes, partying, and getting some much needed rest, they often did not have the time to plan excellent trips that ensured they saw all the highlights in each city visited. After seeing their struggle, we set out to make things easier for future abroad students.

GTG Abroad is home to all the essential abroad information you need– all provided by fellow students and trusted recommenders. We have itineraries for all your weekend trips, planned by the hour, in accordance to location, with links to book all restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

Convenience is the key here. And while we were at it, we’ve also provided all the extra information you may need about each city beyond those weekend itineraries. All of this info is constantly being updated and showcased on social media by our abroad ambassadors who are posting in real time. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok! We hope you will never miss a spot you’ve GTG again.

Your Abroad Moms


Our Staff

Catherine Esrey - Digital Media Creator

Catherine is a junior at Duke University studying the Psychology of Media with a minor in Policy Journalism & Media Studies. Catherine is passionate about creating and planning and, in her free time, she is either creating content on social media or planning a dinner, get together, or event for her friends and family. These hobbies are what initially drove Catherine to GTG Abroad as she enjoyed being able to create content that helps students, like her, while studying abroad. As the appointed “planner” in her group, Catherine relies heavily on social media to pick the best restaurants, clubs, cities and hotels for her and her friends to visit. Last semester, Catherine studied abroad in Copenhagen and documented her experiences of where to eat, visit and explore with @GTGAbroad.


Student Ambassadors

Amanda Anikstein (Lehigh), Ashley Bluestein (University of Miami), Maya Croce (Ohio State), Dylan Ettinger (University of Wisconsin), Grace Field (University of Florida), Kiley Haag (San Diego State University), Maggie Hauser (University of Wisconsin), Sydney Kanter (Wash U) Sydney Kull (San Diego State University), Brianna Lewin (Cornell), Emma Miller (Penn State), Jamie Porigow (University of Indiana), Casey Shoulberg (University of Michigan), Dylan Siegel (University of Florida), Darcy Troyanovsky (University of Wisconsin), Dylan Zgodny (University of Michigan)